Yui basks in sun's light

Yui basks in sun's light

Holidays in the Sun is Japanese singer-songwriter Gloria Yui's fourth studio album. This self-penned and self-composed collection features pop rock and soft rock songs, and ranked number one in the Oricon weekly sales chart in Japan.

Second track Again grabs your attention with its strong opening. Yui delivers the track powerfully, pulls you in with an even stronger chorus and then brings it home with electric guitar for some tension at the close.

The next track Parade is like a sonic summer breeze, with acoustic guitar and percussion building a sense of calm.

Please Stay With Me is another gentle track with an air of sadness. The sorrow in Yui's voice will arouse your sympathy.

The bright and breezy Summer Song is an addictive song about nothing more taxing than having fun in the sun. You'll struggle not to dance along to the catchy beats.

It has been two years since Yui released her last album. After the high standard set in her previous efforts, Holidays In The Sun will not disappoint her fans and proves their wait has been worthwhile.

Holidays In The Sun offers listeners a little taste of power, softness, freshness and comfort - all the ingredients of summer.



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