Isao Sasaki (concert)

Isao Sasaki (concert)

Hong Kong anisong otaku had a once-in-a-lifetime treat earlier this month when legendary singer Isao Sasaki held a concert at the Hitec Rotunda. The singer of anime theme songs such as Getter Robo and Galaxy Express 999 celebrates his 50th year in showbiz this year.

Sasaki sang 18 songs starting with themes from the 70s classics Casshern and Gatchaman before moving on to themes from such classic shows as UFO Grendiser, The Ultraman and Midnight Dekaranger.

While most were anime or tokusatsu themes songs, there was the surprise inclusion of two Elvis Presley numbers - Love Me Tender and Can't Help Falling in Love. The songs were included because Sasaki was known as the Elvis Presley of Japan early in his career and has a special fondness for the King's music.

The concert ended with a rousing brass band accompaniment to three theme songs from animes based on legendary manga creator Leiji Matsumoto's most famous works, Galaxy Express 999 and Space Battleship Yamato.

If any anisong fans missed Sasaki's performance, or want even more, they should hurry to get tickets for JAM Project LIVE 2010 10th Anniversary Tour Maximiser - Decade of Evolution in Hong Kong on September 23 at Hitec Star Hall. Tickets are available from HK Ticketing and Tom Lee Music.


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