Old and new blend perfectly

Old and new blend perfectly

Singer-songwriter Wang Lee-hom's new album The 18 Martial Arts was inspired by Taiwanese director Ang Lee and action star Jackie Chan.

With most of the music and some of the lyrics written by Wang himself, this is a mix of pop and traditional Chinese instruments, and the fusion is a perfect one. One of Wang's goals is to spread Chinese culture through music.

The album opens with Dragon Dance, which features Chinese drums and lion dance music. "Welcome to Wang's nation", the song says and despite being only two minutes long, it successfully sets the tone.

The title track continues the theme with its lyrical rhymes and quick beats that make you want to dance. However, at times it's too fast to understand the lyrics.

Also here is Ni Bu Zhi Dao De Shi, the theme song from the movie Love in Disguise. The lingering piano draws the listener in; it is a track destined for the replay button.

The children's choir from Kangama Roman Catholic School, in Sierra Leone, appear on Zi Ji Ren - a reminder, perhaps, to care about children around the world who suffer from hunger and violence and remember how lucky we are.

Wang clearly has a love for children and his culture and uses his music to prove it.



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