Finally, a reason for 3D specs

Finally, a reason for 3D specs

Nobody goes to see the third film in a franchise expecting Oscar-worthy scripts or acting. But if any more time had been spent on those attributes in Step Up 3D, there wouldn't have been room for the dance. And that would've sucked.

There is a plot, of sorts: Step Up 2's Moose (Adam Sevani) goes to NYU after promising his parents he'll stop dancing. But when he literally stumbles into a dance-off, he meets a dance crew called The Pirates, and promises to take part in the World Jam.

The Pirates are a rag-tag group led by Ashton Kutcher lookalike Luke (Rick Malambri). Add in a pretty, mysterious love interest, cliches galore, a rich bad guy, a seemingly insurmountable setback and voil? that's the plot.

But that's not what you're paying for. What makes this film so enjoyable is the almost constant deluge of dance - from the odd step that none of the characters seem capable of holding in, to the reality-defying, larger-than-life routines (the burst hydrant and Astaire scenes are particularly glorious).

And when you actually feel like water is about to splash you in the face, or a hand is going to knock off your dorky glasses, you know the 3D effects are worth it. Take note, Tim Burton.



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