Masked Rider Festival

Masked Rider Festival

Henshin! Yes it's time to 'transform', as Kamen Ridermadness lands in Hong Kong for the first ever Masked Rider Fest.

Aside from all sorts of memorabilia, the exhibition will feature life-sized models of some of the most popular Kamen Riders from the past 40 years, including Kamen Rider 1, Kamen Rider Black, and Kamen Rider Blade to name just a few. Fans can also get a closer look at three of the specially designed Kamen Rider motorbikes.

Rider otaku will be able to buy merchandise such as figurines, tote bags and mugs, as well as get the chance to purchase a number of limited-edition pieces. Also on sale will be 100 sets of the world's first limited-edition, carbon-fibre 1:6 scale models of the Kamen Rider motorcycles.

Along with the exhibition, there will also be a live show premiere of Kamen Rider Armageddon where five of the Riders battle the evil Electric King and his Hell Corps forces. The show is an action-packed martial arts battle with specially designed lighting, pyrotechnics and lasers.

The festival takes place at AsiaWorld-Expo from August 18 to 22. There are two live shows per day on the weekdays, and three a day over the weekend. Tickets for the exhibition are HK$70, while seeing the show costs an extra HK$90.

Tickets from HK Ticketing.

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