Duo creates wordless magic

Duo creates wordless magic

The seventh album from dance pioneers The Chemical Brothers, Further forgoes the vocal collaborations they've included in the past, shining the spotlight entirely on the instrumentals, to mind-blowing effect.

The Chemical Brothers Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons popularised big beat in the 1990s. The pair have always done things their own way - there are no head-bangers or auto-tuned forgettables, so the music is uniquely personal.

Second track Escape Velocity is an absolute masterpiece in build-up and climax. The epic 12-minute track kicks off at a tantalising pace, just on the verge of breaking into a euphoric beat. The layering of old-school synths creates a disorientating yet unified sound, giving it a vibe that is tough to find in today's pop-saturated market.

Thanks to subtle variations in their songs, the band avoids boring their audience: Another World, for example, has a much more romantic quality to its melody. With sampling and loops on overload, it's impossible not to bob your head in time. Further succeeds exquisitely in reviving the intense sound the Brothers became famous for.

Pick up this album if you're a fan of electronic music and want to try something unique - first-time listeners may, however, find the lack of lyrics disconcerting.



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