Batman Under the Red Hood (DVD)

Batman Under the Red Hood (DVD)

Batman returns to the small screen in a new animated movie, Batman Under the Red Hood, a film packed with action and a few surprising twists that would baffle even the Riddler.

Batman's protégé, Dick Grayson, or Robin, now fights crime independently as Nightwing. Dick's successor, Jason Todd, was not so lucky: he was brutally beaten by the Joker and killed in a bomb explosion five years previously, leaving Batman scarred and battling the forces of Gotham's underworld alone.

Now a new villain known as the Red Hood has started a hostile takeover of Gotham's underworld. Batman is ready to take him on, but the Red Hood might just be as skilled as the Caped Crusader.

The Blu-Ray version of the film has special features including Robin's Requiem: The Tale of Jason Todd, which explains how DC Comics reshaped the Robin character for the new millennium after an outcry by fans. A second feature, Robin: The Story of Dick Grayson, explores the evolution of the character from being Batman's sidekick to becoming Nightwing. The disc also includes four episodes from Batman: The Animated Series, Season One, chosen by long-time Batman and DCU Animations producer Bruce Timm. Also included is a trailer for the upcoming Superman/Batman: Apocalypse.

Get your copy now before some 'Joker' takes them all.

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