Nurarihyon No Mago (anime)

Nurarihyon No Mago (anime)

Monsters and demons lurk in every corner in the new fantasy-action anime series Nurarihyon No Mago, where a young boy has a mansion full of them. What happens in a house where all your closest family, friends and even servants are demons?

Based on a manga series by Hiroshi Shiibashi, the plot concerns a student who is part human and part Yokai (supernatural demon). Daylight may belong to humans but once night falls then the Yokai come out to play. The mischievous creatures feed on human fear and play pranks, though in some cases they may actually kill their targets.

Caught between the two worlds is Rikuo Nura who is a quarter demon. Rikuo's grandfather is Nurarihyon, the supreme commander of the Nura clan, a powerful Yokai consortium. Owing to old age, Nurarihyon wants Nura to become the next clan leader but Nura wants to live peacefully as a human.

However, unknown to Nura, his Yokai blood has started to awaken. Once night falls, he transforms into the future leader that all his clansmen have been hoping for.

By morning, he is back to his human self with no memories of the previous night's events.

Will Nura become clan leader? What will opposition factions do to stop him becoming the next commander?

Find out when the DVD from Viz Media comes out in shops later this year.

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