Culture column: I am a HK kid, but I also come from the Philippines

Culture column: I am a HK kid, but I also come from the Philippines


In the Philippines, most people are either Christians or Catholics. I think nearly everybody believes in God or Jesus.


Adobo (pronounced "A-do-bu") is pork, potato, vinegar, soy sauce and lemon. The sauce makes it really yummy with rice. Another famous dish is pancit noodle, which is rice-noodles with prawns, chicken or pork and vegetables (carrots, cabbage and beans). I always eat it whenever I'm in the Philippines.

Famous Person

Like I said before, I think nearly everyone in the Philippines believes in God or Jesus. Whenever I go to my grandparents' house or a little shop on the road, I see drawings and pictures of what they think Jesus looks like. And on the street it's very likely to see a person wearing a rosary necklace or a pendant cross on a necklace.


The most-famous sport in the Philippines is basketball, but the national sport is sipang takraw. It's like football, but the ball is made out of a native material.

Defining characteristics

In the Philippines everyone is helpful. For example, in Hong Kong, I don't see anybody sharing a taxi with others who are going to a different place. But in the Philippines, if there is space in a tricycle-taxi and you want to go somewhere close to where the other passengers are going, the driver will let you join them. They are always nice to each other, and they act as if everyone were old friends, even though you have never met.



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rubie garcia


you're really a pride of all PILIPINOS for you never denied the fact that you are also a PILIPINO. Congratulation Mingcee (SISSY as what we call you). Though it's quite one week we been together back when i am in hongkong staying in your house the typical Pilipino Gesture still exist in your house,