High School of the Dead (anime)

High School of the Dead (anime)

Your high school is over run by zombies! What do you do: run? Hide? Fight? Find a teacher? Those are the only options for a group of teenagers who find themselves in a zombie invasion in High School of the Dead.

The story opens with the show's protagonist Takashi witnessing one of his school teachers being bitten to death, then coming back to life to attack a fellow teacher. Horrified, Takashi races back to his class to get his friends Rei and Hisashi and escape.

As the trio make their way through the hallways, another teacher is bitten, and his death is broadcast over the school's PA system. Chaos ensues, and the trio try to avoid the fleeing masses by taking a different escape route. But their choice is no safer, and Hisashi is attacked by a zombie teacher while trying to protect Rei. Realising Hisashi is now a zombie, Takashi hits him with a baseball bat and drags him with them.

From their lookout on the roof, the three see that it's not just the school that is under siege, but the entire city. Can they escape and save the day - or even themselves?

The show is based on the manga written by Daisuke Sato (Imperial Guards) and illustrated by Shouji Sato (Futari Bocchi Densetsu.) It is produced by Madhouse, responsible for shows like the chilling Death Note and the award-winning Tokyo Godfathers.

Catch all the horror action when the show is released on DVD by Sentai Filmworks soon.

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