Wandering in the dark

Wandering in the dark

Enrique Iglesias' musical tastes have changed since his 2001 hit single Hero, judging from his first bilingual album, Euphoria. He tries to shy away from the crooner mode that won him millions of fans, and diversify - but this only results in a sloppily arranged compilation.

Pairing up with the likes of Nicole Scherzinger and Akon, Iglesias seems to be trying to recreate the heady days of Hero by singing the sort of R&B that is so hot right now. But he reaches out blindly to every possible fan base, covering a variety of genres: hip hop, rock and Latin.

But the crooner within gets the better of him. In the first track, I Like It, he sings falsetto in contrast with the hardcore hip hop of Pitbull. Such misfit tracks continue throughout the album. One Day at a Time, with Akon, is another feeble attempt at pleasing urban music fans by mimicking Sean Kingston's signature reggae style. But it makes him sound cheesy and lost instead. Even more confusing is Coming Home, in which he opts for an alternative rock vibe.

The album is an incoherent collection of sounds that feels like he is either having an identity crisis or desperately trying to expand his dwindling fan base. This is Euphoria's ultimate downfall - his fans long for that definitive Iglesias sound.

YP rating: 3/5



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