Unlikely friendship sparkles

Unlikely friendship sparkles

A homage to Hong Kong films, La Comedie Humaine - the self-dubbed 'only summer Hong Kong comedy' this year - is full of parodies of well-known Chinese movies, which will keep die-hard film fans laughing.

The story focuses on a couple of unlikely relationships formed between five individuals. One of the main ones is between contract killer Sze To Chun Wun (Chapman To) and Zhu Ge Tao Chao (Wong Cho Lam), a struggling screenwriter who rescues Sze after he faints on his rooftop.

Sze, outraged with Zhu's overly affectionate personality, makes several attempts to kill him (and fails each time). A friendship soon develops, and it is the electric dynamics of this relationship which form the film's highlight. It's a mutually beneficial arrangement: Sze gains humanity from Zhu, whilst Zhu learns courage and confidence. Zhu is the stereotypical nerd - before Sze's arrival, he lacks confidence, especially when confronted by his girlfriend Tin Oi (Fiona Sit) - and Wong's melodramatic performance sits precariously between humorous and irritating.

The narrative and plot are at best mediocre, so if you're looking for an intellectually or emotionally stimulating movie experience, La Comedie is not the way to go. But if you just need a laugh and an excuse to stay indoors, this is perfect.

YP rating: 3/5



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