The feelings of Fiona

The feelings of Fiona

Fiona Fung's second album, Sweet Melody, is perfect to listen to while sipping a smoothie and enjoying a summer breeze, preferably while lounging on a hammock.

This is far from typical Canto-pop: in fact, it's hard to classify. It was recorded in Cantonese, Mandarin and English, with one Japanese track. There is also a range of vibes and genres.

There are many worthwhile songs on the album. Meant to be Together is about the woes of short-term relationships. It starts with Fung describing the misery of eating alone after a break-up, then moves on to a note of optimism in the second verse. Combined with the catchy tune, listeners are sure to feel uplifted.

Athena sounds like it's sung by a children's choir, shows Fung's poetic side and puts her childlike voice on full display. It sounds heavenly. Childhood opens with a guitar riff then adds a xylophone to the mix before completing its mission - taking you back to your childhood.

U Are My Everything again shows off Fung's voice as she sings about the awesome feeling of being with the person she loves. The duetting with Jason Chan is particularly pleasing.

Buy this album if you want to feel sunshine on your face and revisit your childhood without a time machine.

YP intern: 4/5



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