Blink those beautiful eyes

Blink those beautiful eyes

Bring out your peepers this summer with cool false lashes of different shapes and colours


Yomiko Lo, advanced make-up artist, says beginners should start with simple lashes for the upper lid.
Yomiko Lo, advanced make-up artist, says beginners should start with simple lashes for the upper lid.
Photo: May Tse
For a really exciting look this summer, forget complicated eye make-up designs, and check out the latest trends in false eyelashes.

Yomiko Lo Pik-ha, advanced make-up artist from Japanese brand Shu Uemura, says until about three years ago, most false lashes wearers chose simple styles, just to make their lashes look longer.

But today, people are choosing different colours, shapes and textures.

'Back then, people were wearing false lashes mostly for glamour shots or pre-wedding photos, but now, more people are wearing them on a daily basis,' Lo says.

'Local make-up trends usually follow Taiwan and Japan; the use of false lashes there is becoming more dramatic and exaggerated, and people are accepting different kinds of false lashes,' she says.

Although there are hundreds of colours and shapes available, Lo says it's important to choose a pair of false lashes that suits your eye shape.

'Some pairs have short lashes at one end which become gradually longer as they go to the other end. These are best suited for people whose eyes are small and narrow, as they'll create an elongated effect on their eyes,' she says.

'Another type has longer lashes in the middle, while either end has shorter lashes. These are great for those with small eyes who wish to create a rounder-eyed look.'

Lo adds that each pair of false lashes should be fitted to the wearer when they buy them. Most brands that sell false lashes will provide this service.

If, instead, you buy them at a cosmetics shop, Lo says you can simply measure the lashes against your eyes, and trim them to the right length with a pair of small scissors.

Trends in lash choices are changing. Lo says more people are choosing fuller lashes with a thicker rim. The thicker rim creates an eyeliner effect and also makes lashes easier to handle. They are also longer-lasting than those with a thinner rim.

While women have been wearing false lashes on their top eyelids for years, for the last two years in Japan, many women have been adding false lashes to the lower lid to create a more dramatic look.

Lo says too many lashes under the eye can get annoying, and recommends adding just a few individual lashes towards the outer corner of the eye for the most natural yet dramatic look.

She says false lash beginners should start with a full set of lashes that covers the upper lid, and practise using them before trying more elaborate styles, or wearing lashes on the lower lid.

It is important to keep lashes clean and in good condition, so that they can be used again, she says. She recommends gently removing eye make-up and the glue before storing.



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