A surprise love affair

A surprise love affair

In Crossing Hennessy, a story about an unlikely love affair, Ah Loy (Jacky Cheung), a lazy 41-year-old man, and Oi Lin (Tang Wei), the niece of a bathroom appliance store owner, are set up on a blind date.

Initially, both are equally uninterested in each other. In fact, Lin purposely makes herself appear unattractive on their first date.

But, against all odds - which includes their exes - they both finally realise they cannot salvage what is already lost and end up together.

The problem for viewers is that Loy and Lin's relationship is difficult to relate to and unconvincing due to a lack of development. This is not helped by a subplot, in which a romantic connection is sparked between Uncle Ching (Danny Lee) and Auntie (Mimi Chu).

Loy's mother is presented as a melodramatic shrew throughout the movie - a parody of the modern 'tai tai'. There are moments when her outbursts do offer a titter here and there, but most of the time they are tiresome more than anything else.

Crossing Hennessy is filled with try-hard jokes and dialogue that, unfortunately, fit neither the romantic nor comedic moulds that director Ivy Ho appears to be so desperately trying to achieve in this movie.

YP rating: 3/5



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