Angel Beats! (anime)

Angel Beats! (anime)

The cruel joke in the new anime show Angel Beats! is that students who die find out purgatory simply means back to school. Yes, if you die right now and have any lingering feelings of connection to your life, hell will be more high school until you learn to let things go.

The story revolves around a new arrival to the afterlife, Otonashi, who wakes up with amnesia to find himself in a strange high school to see a girl named Yuri aiming a sniper rifle at another girl.

Otonashi is told he is in purgatory and that if he doesn't want to disappear completely, he has to join Yuri's 'Shinda Sekai Sensen' (SSS - Afterlife War Front) and help her and her war-front troops fight Angel, the student president.Otonashi later wakes up in the nurse's office completely fine, without a scratch on him. So is he really in purgatory?

Angel Beats! is based on the visual novels written by Jun Maeda, who also wrote the screenplay and composed the music for the anime, with original character designs by Na-Ga.

The duo is also responsible for creating the hit shows Clannad, Air, and Kanon. The show is being produced by PA Works, and helming the director's chair is Seiji Kishi (Galaxy Angel Rune).

The show's 13 episodes finished airing in Japan yesterday, so it should be coming to Hong Kong's Animax channel before too long. Keep an eye out for it.

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