Giant Killing (anime)

Giant Killing (anime)

Footie madness has descended upon us this month, and those hungering for extra action can tune in to Giant Killing, an anime show about Japanese professional football.

The term "Giant Killing" refers to a situation where an underdog team from a lower division beats a top premier league club, like in a David and Goliath match.

The story revolves around the Eastern Tokyo United (ETU), who are struggling to stay in the top division. ETU's owners bring back star striker Takeshi Tatsumi as team manager. Tatsumi is a controversial choice, having left several years ago to make a name for himself in England.

Now, returning as a specialist in "Giant Killing", Tatsumi has to battle his players and fans who feel betrayed by his departure.

The show is slated for 26 episodes. Will Tatsumi help ETU slay some giants? Keep an eye out for the DVD after the World Cup.

Giant Killing is based on the manga by Masaya Tsunamoto and produced by Studio Deen.

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