Time to play

Time to play

Video-game makers have some treats in store for gamers whatever their interest

November 04, 2012
October 21, 2012
October 21, 2012
October 21, 2012
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October 14, 2012
October 14, 2012
October 14, 2012
October 07, 2012
October 07, 2012
Video games form a multibillion-dollar industry that generates more money than Hollywood, and game developers are constantly vying for a bigger piece of the market.

That means better games for a wider range of people - literally something for everyone, regardless of your interests and skill level.

With so many games on the way this year, Young Post has compiled a guide to the hottest upcoming releases. Now, the dilemma is: so many games, so little time.

Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4. Multi-platform - June 30

Lego offers its own quirky take on action-adventure with Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4. The game will feature more than 150 playable characters and follow the storylines of the first four instalments - The Philosopher's Stone, The Chamber of Secrets, The Prisoner of Azkaban and The Goblet of Fire. Each character possesses a unique power. Players cast spells, make potions and explore worlds. And, yes, young Potter will don his iconic specs.

StarCraft II - Wings of Liberty. PC/Mac - July 27

StarCraft II is the highly anticipated return of the strategy game that single-handedly spawned full-time gaming as a profession. It will feature the return of the Protoss, Terran and Zerg races - StarCraft fans know who they are. It incorporates new gaming mechanics with added characters and more levels of customisation. StarCraft II also boasts better multiplayer functionality than its predecessor.

Metroid: Other M. Wii - September 2

After narrowly escaping the exploding Planet Zebes, Samus Aran finds herself on a spaceship. And so the fun begins - Samus has to find out what her mission is. The game will incorporate an interesting concept whereby players shift between side-scrolling and first-person perspectives during game-play. Depending on how you hold the controller, the modes shift from one to the other.

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions. Multi-platform - September 7

Spider-Man finds himself traversing alternate dimensions: Amazing Universe, Noir Universe, 2099 Universe and a mystery universe yet to be revealed. Gamers will switch between a character from each of the universes, corresponding to the history and development of the Webslinger comic series. And at the end of each level, Spidey is pitted against a mega-villain.

Halo: Reach. Xbox 360 - September 15

Reach is a prequel to the original Halo. Play as elite Spartan soldier Noble 6 in an epic battle to save planet Reach from evil Covenant aliens. Like with previous Halos, multiplayer mode will be the most fun, especially when you battle friends online via Xbox LIVE.

Pro-Evolution Soccer 2011 (World Soccer: Winning Eleven 2011 in Japan). Multi-platform - December

A favourite among soccer fans, the latest release of the game promises enhanced animation created from more than 100 hours of motion-captured footage. The game will boast better graphics and a refined 360-degree passing system for more life-like game-play. The game will support online play and allow users to customise soundtracks of their favourite tunes.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII. PS3 - late 2010

The storied Final Fantasy franchise promises to return with a fantasy-adventure game that knows no bounds. Noctis, the last remaining heir to the Caelum dynasty, has sworn to protect his kingdom from the invading Hectic Order, who seek to steal the precious Crystals, the source of all life.

Sims 3. NDS - late 2010

A game that simulates our daily lives might not sound exciting, but gamers have fallen in love with the idea and Sims 3 is set migrate to the NDS. Navigation and modification of objects and characters should be a cinch with the touch-screen.

Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of Osbourne House. NDS - late 2010

Take on the role of the famed detective and attempt to solve the mysterious disappearance of the queen's genealogical records. Accompanied by loyal companion Watson, the duo must solve puzzles, riddles and other brain-teasers in order to crack the ultimate case.



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