Debut with a bullet

Debut with a bullet

Born in Blackburn, England, Diana Vickers, 18, was discovered when she participated on the fifth season of British talent show The X Factor. After achieving fourth position overall, she was signed by RCA records to create her debut album, Songs from the Tainted Cherry Tree.

Even though the young artist was a semi-finalist on The X Factor, a show which requires contestants to sing famous songs, the 13-track album contains no covers. With its blend of heavy synth bass sounds and Vickers' characteristic soft whisper-wails, each track brings something new to the album.

Opening track and chart-topping single, Once, is an electro dance-pop track with immediate appeal because of its addictive, foot-tapping melody and catchy guitar-powered chorus.

Vickers also displays her ability to sing down-tempo numbers, and she does so beautifully in the sad, acoustic ballad, Four Leaf Clover.

Unfortunately, the lyrics are less memorable because they are so focused on teenage angst about boys and break-ups, and the repetitive choruses can be irritating at times; but these are minor lfaws in an otherwise impressive effort by the young artist.

YP rating: 4/5



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