Script: Listening Exercise 73

Script: Listening Exercise 73


Minnie Lau is the chairperson for the local branch of the Save the Children charity. Each year she organises a dinner and auction to raise funds. Everyone has eaten a delicious dinner and Minnie is now acting as auctioneer for the final event of the evening – the Save the Children Auction. Individuals and local companies have donated items to be auctioned. Listen to Minnie as she auctions off the first five items and then answer fill in the information cards.

Minnie: The first item in our auction this evening is this very special red envelope. And what is in the envelope, I hear you ask. You know I wouldn’t be auctioning an empty envelope. Inside this envelope is something very special from Red Box Cinema in Kowloon Bay. The manager has donated a pass for two people to see as many films as they want at Red Box for one whole month. One whole moth, Ladies and gentleman who will open your bidding? I see two hundred dollars. Three hundred, anyone? Yes, sir. Four hundred from the young man in the front row. Four fifty. Five hundred. Is that my closing bid? No, Six hundred from the lady in the back row. Going, going, gone for six hundred dollars.

Item number two is a six-month subscription for any magazine of your choice from My Books in Central. We all love reading magazines so this is a good thing to bid for. And what is my opening bid? Fifty dollars, thank you madam. One hundred from the lady in blue at the back. Two hundred dollars from the young man in the second row. Four hundred anyone? No? Three fifty? Right, three fifty from the lady in blue. Item two sold for three hundred and fifty dollars.

Now, item number 3. I wish I could bid for this myself. The nice people at Green Zone DVD have donated ten Blu-Ray discs of your choice. You can go to any Green Zone outlet and choose ten Blu-Ray discs. Who will start the bidding for this great item? Five hundred, thank you. Six. Seven hundred dollars from the young lady in the black top. I see one thousand. One thousand two hundred anyone? Thank you. One thousand five hundred? Yes, madam. One thousand six hundred? Yes, from the gentleman in the blue jacket. Any more bids? Sold to the gentleman in the blue jacket.

Lot number 4. Six visits to MegaPizza for two people eat as much as you like. That's six Italian meals for two people, you can. Go when you want. Who will start the bidding? One thousand dollars from you, sir. One thousand five hundred? Thank you, madam. What is my next bid? One thousand eight hundred? Thank you. One thousand eight hundred from the lady at the end of the second row. Any further bids? Two thousand anyone? No? One thousand nine hundred? No? Going, going, gone. Sold to the lady at the end of the second row.

Now we come to something very special. Top Music is offering someone ten beginners lessons for a musical instrument of that choice, and six months rental of that instrument. What a fantastic donation. Let’s open the bidding at six hundred. Thank you, sir. Do I have eight hundred? Thank you. Nine hundred ... thank you ... nine hundred from the young lady in the third row. A thousand dollars anyone? Thank you, madam. One thousand one hundred? Thank you, the lady at the front. One thousand three hundred? Thank you, the gentleman standing at the back. Any further bids? No? Sold to the gentleman for one thousand three hundred dollars.


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