Magic Kaitou

Magic Kaitou


By James Whittle

Hide your jewels, precious artworks and antiques because the Phantom Thief - star of new anime, Magic Kaitou - may try and steal them.

Out soon on DVD, the anime is based on the manga created by artist Gosho Aoyama (of the Detective Conan series, titled Case Closed in the US), about the gentlemanly Phantom Thief Kid, also known as Magic Kaitou. The manga was actually created before Detective Conan but because the little sleuth became an instant hit, Kaitou was shelved and only made brief and infrequent guest appearances in Detective Conan stories.

The anime chronicles the adventures of high school student Kaitou Kuroba, the class clown and prankster who uses magic tricks in his jokes and stunts. He is mischievous and slightly arrogant but very charming. Kaitou's father was a internationally famous magician who died mysteriously eight years ago during one of his shows and Kaitou is working hard to one day surpass his father as a magician. An imposter, posing as his father, appears, prompting Kaitou to delve further into the mystery. This leads to a startling discovery that requires the teenager to make a tough decision.

This is a great anime that explains the origins of Detective Conan's greatest nemesis, and fans of the pint-sized detective will definitely not want to miss this. Keep an eye out for it on the Animax channel and on DVD in the next couple of months.

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