Holiday Short Stories

Holiday Short Stories

June 30, 2011
June 16, 2011
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Thanks to all of you, this year's short story competition was a great success. You can read and rate the entries below.

Five of our favourite short stories will be published on every Thursday of the holiday reading programmes. So don't forget to pick up your copy of Young Post on the following dates.

Editor's picks

Christmas bumper edition (24 and 25 Dec): Snowflake by Isabella Di Caro

Dec 31: The Christmas Mission by Melissa Tan

February 16: A Christmas Letter by Ho Chak Kong

April 1: My Christmas Diary by Tara Sachdev Aggarwal

April 8: Times Tables Through Vege-Tables... by Ayra Perakath

The winner of the short story competition is Melissa Tan

Melissa wins HK$2,000 worth of book vouchers from Dymocks. Congratulations.



A Christmas Letter by Ho Chak-kong
The Snowflake by Isabella Di Caro
The Christmas Mission by Melissa Tan
Dorothy Yim Hoi-heng
Shopping Spree Surprises by Alitha Partono
The back-to-Front Holiday by Charlotte Chan
Azaara Perakath
Wonderland by Au Ka Chi Gigi
Fathers, the absentees at Christmas by Andrea, Liu Guo Sun
The mystery of the vanished Santa Claus by Fatih Ozer
An Unusual Christmas for Maddy by Candy Lam Ho Ki
Missing by Benjamin Gabriel Joseph Ka Hei Chan
I am just tryin' to be happy by Ho Suet Wing
A Wedding Gone Wrong by Sherman D'Lima
Mok Kan Qiao
Easter Hunt by Princess Irene Nicole Piad
White Christmas by Jennifer Loh
Christmas Eve, Year 1999 by Jade Lam
Goodbye! by Minal Daswani
The Rocking Chair by Tszwai Pun
Unexpected Tintinnabulation by Saloni Dattani
Vivien Ng Wing Laam
Love and Mercy by Elaine Yuyeenee
My Life by Anna Chu King-Nga
April Chen

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