Script: Listening Exercise 72

Script: Listening Exercise 72


Polly is the manager of an electronics store. Each month she has a meeting with her staff to introduce new items that will soon be going on sale. Listen to part of this month’s meeting as she tells her staff about five new products, and then fill in the product card for each one.

Polly: First of all, we have this new printer. It’s American designed and manufactured in China to the highest specifications. The product code is BN674398F. It will go on sale for nine hundred and fifty dollars. Any customer buying a laptop from us can buy the printer at half price. It is wi-fi operated. It’s one of the smallest printers on the market and the manufacturers offer a refill service for its ink cartridges. It will be available from the fifteenth.

The second new product is this brilliant Japanese MP3 player which will be one of next month’s must-have items. Product code KK76428H. It is quite expensive at one thousand eight hundred dollars but I know it will be a best seller. It is touch screen operated. There is only one model and it’s 120 gigabyte. The battery life is seven hours which is brilliant. You can get it in five different colours. I know it’s going to be huge.

Next, Look how thin this new Korean netbook is! Its main selling point will be the thinness and the light weight. Product number is NGD764321K. It’s aimed at students and it costs five thousand dollars. We will do a special promotion the first month it’s on sale. It has a nine inch screen. It’s a good buy and I’m sure it will sell well.

Right, onto product 4. This classy i-pod dock is English. You can get it in black or white. Both colours look very stylish. Product code is MMN763219. It costs eight and a half thousand dollars. The sound quality is very good for its size. It's a best seller in Europe and much more expensive over there. The makers have given us a special price because they want to get established in Asia. We’ll try it out at the end of the meeting and you will hear the excellent sound quality.

And the final product. This new Chinese pocket camera will be hard to sell because we have so many cameras for customers to choose from. Its main selling point is its small size. It’s priced at two thousand dollars. The product code is FD335752X. It’s only just a bit bigger than a credit card. It has a touch screen zoom. The LCD monitor is big and very clear. It is going to be our product of the month this coming month and we will do a big advertising campaign to promote it.


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