Good time for a film break

Good time for a film break


By Barry C Chung

Romantic, feel-good comedy Break Up Club takes you through the trials and tribulations of a young Hong Kong couple. The title sounds cliched, but the film delivers on many levels.

Joe (Jaycee Chan Jo-ming) has just been dumped by his girlfriend Flora (Fiona Sit Hoi-kei), who claims he's 'too normal'.

Seeking a way to rekindle the old flame, Joe stumbles upon a website that claims it can reunite couples. There's just one catch: you must register a couple online, break them up and capture it on camera. Who would have thought that bad karma could be so rewarding?

Joe, the hopeless romantic, targets his best friend Sunny (Patrick Tang Kin-wang) for the experiment. Lo and behold, the moment Sunny splits with his partner, Flora magically appears and they are a couple once again.

Director Barbara Wong Chun-chun and co-writer Lawrence Cheng Tan-shui star in the film as none other than themselves. They play a production team looking for dramatic breakup stories to compile into a film. The story of Joe and Flora is forever immortalised on celluloid.

The shaky hand-held camera work adds realism, and the way the camera's perspective constantly shifts between the points of view of the characters keeps things interesting.

One important lesson to take from this film is: never judge a film by its cliched title.

The film opens on June 16.

YP rating: 4/5



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