Script: Listening Exercise 71

Script: Listening Exercise 71


Language is used to do many different things. We need language when we ask questions, give opinions, make suggestions and much more. There are usually clues in the words we use to show what we are doing. The different things we do with language are called language functions. Look at these 20 language functions, then listen to 15 snippets of conversation and mark the number of each conversation with the correct language function in the box. The first one has been done for you. There are more functions in the list than you will need.

1. - That’s exactly what I think. You’re quite right. He should never have spent all that money on an expensive car when he wasn’t sure that his job was safe.

2. - What about meeting at seven at the restaurant instead of quarter to at the MTR station? Then at least we can sit down if anyone is late.

3. - I could phone Carol in the morning if you like and ask her what she thinks. I’m not at work tomorrow, so I’ll have plenty time to give her a call.

4. - If you tell Mum and Dad that I’m in trouble at school, I’ll make your life very uncomfortable. So keep your big mouth shut.

5. - Could you tell me where the nearest MTR station is, please? I’m lost and haven’t a map with me.

6. - Look. We should stop seeing each other. Things are not working out between us and I don’t really want to carry on going out with you.

7. - Is it okay if I ask Kevin and Mike over for dinner at the weekend?

8. - I’m really sorry for what I said on the phone last night. I was stressed and didn’t think before I opened my mouth.

9. - I think you are very wrong about him. He seems very nice and I’m sure he will be a good teacher. We should give him a chance.

10. - I’m going to begin my diet next week and walk at least two kilometre a day. And eat no junk food. I’m determined to lose a bit of weight.

11. - Come with me to the cinema on Saturday night. You’ll enjoy the film, I know. I’ll buy the tickets and treat you to a pizza after the film. Go on, you know you want to.

12. - I didn’t like AVATAR at all. I thought the story was weak and the 3D gave me a head ache. The acting was poor and the ending was rubbish.

13. - I don’t know whether to go out to dinner with him. I’ve said I’ll tell him tomorrow, but I don’t know what to do. I keep changing my mind.

14. - Will you please stop calling me at work? Please don’t even send me texts when you know I’m at the office.

15. - I must stop you there before you say another word. I can’t let you continue talking such nonsense.


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