Global understanding through exchange

Global understanding through exchange

By Mabel Sieh

Students from Hong Kong and Beijing will have the opportunity this summer to meet and interact with some of the brightest young scholars from the Harvard, Yale, Cambridge and Oxford universities.

Students aged between 14 and 18 are invited to attend the Crimson Summer Exchange (CSE) organised by the University of Hong Kong. Two programmes - one in Hong Kong and one in Beijing - are on offer.

CSE was first introduced in 2004 to give Hong Kong students exposure to other cultures. The programme was extended to Beijing and Shanghai in 2006. Now it is an annual event.

"CSE enables students to enhance their confidence, creativity, critical thinking skills and ability to address problems from multiple perspectives," says Francisca Kwok, programme director of CSE 2010 at HKU.

This year's theme is "Transforming Individuals, Communities and the World". Participants will explore five areas - medicine and science; communication; arts; government, law and political order; and global culture. To become global citizens, participants will take part in team projects, drama workshops, debates, presentations and field trips.

John Tse, chairman of the Crimson China Cultural Exchange Foundation, says: "For Hong Kong students, it is the best opportunity to interact with scholars without having to go abroad."

The Hong Kong programme will be held at the HKU campus from July 15 to 30, and the Beijing programme at the Beijing Royal School from August 4 to 14. Deadlines for application are March 19 and April 30. For details, go to

HKU will sponsor four Young Post Junior Reporters to attend a three-day programme from July 21-23.

Congratulations to our winners to the Crimson Summer Exchange 2010 in July. They are: Jennifer Wong, Michelle Yam, Li Nga-ting and Elise Choi.

The four of them will attend the 3-day conference at HKU for free and cover the event for Young Post.


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