Peace Walker launch

Peace Walker launch

By James Whittle

Last Sunday, gamers were treated to a rare opportunity to meet two of the industry's giants, Hideo Kojima, creator, producer and writer of Metal Gear Solid (MGS), and Shinkawa Yoji, the game's character, environment and mechanical designer.

The pair were in Hong Kong to help launch the latest MGS title, Peace Walker, for the Sony Playstation Portable (PSP). Two hundred gamers got to meet the duo, and more than a dozen won gifts ranging from T-shirts to signed MGS merchandise. Kojima (left, with Yoji, right), ending a tour that has been to South Korea and Taiwan, said: 'I'm truly moved ... to receive such a warm welcome. Hong Kong is the best!'

Sunday Young Post asked Kojima what motivated him to keep on writing and producing games for the series. 'I'm a person who easily gets bored with something - that's just my personality. But somehow since starting work on MGS, it's gone on to last 20 years: Snake (MGS protagonist) and I have lived together all those years.

'I feel that MGS has become my life's work, and I'll keep on going.'Now I'm a businessman [as producer] as well as creator. Not only do I have to concentrate on creating a game the world enjoys playing, but I also have to think about whether adding certain things will produce good results.'

With such a strong fan base, MGS: Peace Walker looks set to do well in Asia. Currently only the Japanese version; the English version is due to be released on June 8.

Fans can check out Kojima's photos of his trip to Hong Kong on Twitter.

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