Script: Listening Exercise 70

Script: Listening Exercise 70


Louise and her friend Katy are still gossiping about teachers. Listen to Katy’s story and then answer the questions.

Katy: I’ve got a good teacher story as well. This will really make you laugh. We’ve got a history teacher called Mr Zhang.

Louise: You’ve mentioned him before. Didn't you show me a photo taken on a trip somewhere or other?

Katy: Right, yes, I did. It was on a hike he came on with some more teachers. Well, do you remember he’s really fit. All the girls fancy him. He’s tall, slim and has a lovely smile. And he always dresses really well, not like most of our teachers who wear any old clothes for school.

Louise: I do remember thinking how good looking he was. We don’t have any good-looking teachers at our school. Even the young ones are nothing special.

Katy: I know! Anyway, I was at Kowloon Park swimming pool last Saturday afternoon with my brother, and Mr Zhang was there with his little daughter.

Louise: Did he see you?

Katy: Yes, but he pretended he didn’t. He definitely recognised me but didn’t say hello or anything.

Louise: Typical teacher!

Katy: Yeah! The pool was quite busy. I’m teaching my brother how to swim so we stayed in the shallow end near the side.

Louise: So you didn’t see your heart-throb teacher again?

Katy: Yes, that’s what I’m going to tell you. I saw a lot of him. Rather more than he intended.

Louise: How come?

Katy: Well, he was climbing out of the pool and his kid was clambering out next to him. But she lost her footing. She grabbed hold of his shorts to get her balance and accidentally pulled them down. I saw his rear end!

Louise: Oh, my god! What did he do?

Katy: He jumped back into the water and pulled his shorts up. It all happened very quickly but I couldn't miss it.

Louise: Did he see you?

Katy: Oh yes, he knew I’d seen what happened. When he came into class on Monday morning he looked at me and went bright red. I’d told everybody, so they knew why he went to red.

Louise: Poor guy. He must have felt terrible.

Katy: I kept a smile on my face the whole lesson. And when he turned round to write on the board I coughed loudly. He knew what I was thinking. So there you are. Is that a good teacher story or not? I bet you haven’t seen a teacher’s bottom.

Louise: That’s right! And I don’t want to, thank you very much. I can’t think of anything more awful. Right, what else haven't I told you...


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