Lions feed on passion

Lions feed on passion

Students from Lions College come out on top of debate on whether HK is protecting children's rights

Lions College
Buddhist Tai Hung College

Lions College roared to victory in the second round of the 11th Nesta-SCMP Inter-school Debating Competition. They beat Buddhist Tai Hung College - the affirmative side - on the motion: 'Hong Kong is protecting children's rights.'

The debate took place on Tuesday at Buddhist Tai Hung College. The contest, jointly organised by the Native English Speaking Teachers' Association and the South China Morning Post, is sponsored by the Hong Kong Jockey Club.

Adjudicator Amanda Chapman, a native English teacher at Ying Wa College, said she was impressed by the passionate performance of Lions College students.

'Chau Wing-in and Lavender Ren Xiaoyin, the first and second speaker of Lions College, spoke with great passion. They showed they cared a lot about the [topic] and were able to make me care about it as well.'

Both schools focused on children's education and medical benefits and the city's environment. Lions College brought up an important point - Hong Kong's serious air pollution is bad for children - which caught Chapman's attention. They also strengthened their position by citing child abuse cases in Hong Kong.

Tai Hung said Hong Kong's education and medical benefits are among the best in the world. This proves the city is protecting children's rights, they emphasised.

Lions College disagreed, saying the laws protecting children's rights are outdated.

Chapman praised Tai Hung's consistency throughout the debate. 'All three speakers from the affirmative side stuck to the team [strategy] about education. They worked very well as a team,' she said. 'The first affirmative speaker Po Man-chi showed great confidence by stepping up to the centre of the stage to deliver her speech.'

Chapman praised the extensive research done by both teams. 'I enjoyed the debate and learned a lot on the topic from the debaters,' she said.



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