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Lai Ying-kit and Junior Reporters Kathy Yiu and Michelle Cheng find out what fans think

The 2010 World Cup is just a little more than a month away. People around the world are getting ready to focus on South Africa, where the 32 best national soccer teams will battle it out for the highest honour in the sport.

Die-hard soccer fans are looking over their favourite stars' recent games and anticipating their upcoming face-offs, while occasional viewers are beginning to feel the passion for the once-every-four-years extravaganza.

Young Post Junior Reporters asked Hong Kong soccer fans to pick their favourite teams and players. This year, competition is particularly keen. Argentina, Brazil, England, Spain and the Netherlands are closely matched, with each team boasting a star-studded lineup.

Fans will be eager to see which players can outshine the rest and help their country win the trophy. Our readers have named some of their favourites - Argentina's Lionel Messi, Brazil's Robinho, England's Wayne Rooney and Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo. They are the best and most expensive players. But will they help their team win?

This year's tournament will be held on new territory. It has moved to Africa for the first time.

One of the delights of soccer is that it's full of surprises. There will be joy, tears, grief and anger in the month following the opening match, which kicks off in Johannesburg on June 11. Even if you are not a soccer fan, you are bound to feel the ups and downs of all the drama.

Ken Lee Wai-kin, 23

'I support Argentina's team as it is really powerful. One of the players, Lionel Messi, is my favourite player as he is skilled and can overcome all his personal disadvantages to become a striker. Apart from Argentina, I also expect that South Korea can make it to semi-finals again with some astonishing performances.'

Cheng Wing-ching, 13

'Many people think girls aren't interested in soccer, but they are wrong. Among the participating countries, I will definitely support Spain. As for players, I'm all for Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal. He is really good at soccer. And he is very good-looking.'

Chui Ka-ho, 18

'I've been a long-time Brazil fan, since I was at primary school. I think [Portugal's] Cristiano Ronaldo and [Brazil's] Ronaldo are the most brilliant players. Every time I watch matches they play, it's like watching stunts. It's exciting and entertaining.'

Keo Yiu Ka-fai, 21

'I will support my two favourite teams - Brazil and England. England are good with tactics and Brazil have skilled players. I guess South Africa should be able to make it to the quarter-finals as they are the home team. As for players, I like Wayne Rooney because he is strong and passionate about the game, as well as determined.'

Cheung Yuen-pooi, 17

'Spain have a brilliant lineup that's the envy of the world. From defenders through midfielders to forwards, every position has one or two of the world's best players. If they can give the same performance as they did in the Euro 2008, which they won, they will be unbeatable.'

Susan Pang Siu-fan, 18

'I support Brazil since they have won the tournament five times. My favourite player is Robinho. He's a great striker and his recent performances show he's in good form. I'm really looking forward to seeing him surprise the audience again.'



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