Script: Listening Exercise 68

Script: Listening Exercise 68


Mrs Wong has been given a gift she doesn't want. She goes to the shop where it was bought to try and get a refund. Listen to the conversation between Mrs Wong and the sales assistant and then answer the questions.

Assistant: Good morning. Can I help you?

Mrs Wong: I hope so. It’s about this Sony Cybershot camera that was bought here two weeks ago.

Assistant: Right. Is there a problem?

Mrs Wong: Well... not exactly a problem. There’s nothing wrong with the camera. It’s just that... er... er...

Assistant: So how may I help you?

Mrs Wong: Well, the camera was a retirement gift from my colleagues in the office where I used to work. I’d been there for over thirty years and they had a collection to buy me a leaving present.

Assistant: That’s nice. You must have been very pleased.

Mrs Wong: Oh, I was. It was very kind of them. But they didn’t ask me what I’d like for a retirement present. Usually when we have a collection for someone who’s leaving, we ask them what they’d like as a gift.

Assistant: That’s a good idea...

Mrs Wong: But... anyway... nobody said anything to me and at my leaving dinner the boss presented me with this camera.

Assistant: It’s a good make and model.

Mrs Wong: Yes, I know that. My son bought me the same camera for my birthday last year.

Assistant: Oh, dear.

Mrs Wong: My husband said the best thing to do was bring it back to you and ask for a refund. It’s no use having two cameras. I don’t use the one my son bought me very often.

Assistant: I understand.

Mrs Wong: But I feel quite guilty returning something that was a gift. It’s my husband who persuaded me to bring it back.

Assistant: No problem, Madam. Do you have the receipt?

Mrs Wong: Oooo... no. I’m sorry. I don’t have the receipt. But I know it was bought here. Look, it’s still in your bag and I have the guarantee with your stamp on it.

Assistant: I’m afraid we can’t give a refund without the original receipt. It’s company policy.

Mrs Wong: But the camera was purchased here.

Assistant: We still need the receipt for a refund. But we can exchange the camera for an item of the same price.

Mrs Wong: Right... let me think.

Assistant: Is there anything else you would like in place of the camera.

Mrs Wong: Actually, I do need a new mobile phone.

Assistant: Any particular model, madam?

Mrs Wong: I was thinking about buying a smart phone. One of those things that does everything.

Assistant: We’ve got a good choice of smart phones in stock.

Mrs Wong: I’ve seen a nice one in the window. Perhaps I’ll have a look at that. But I’ll have to speak to my husband first. Can I leave the camera with you now and then come back tomorrow for a phone when I’ve spoken with my husband?

Assistant: I’m afraid not, madam.

Mrs Wong: Why not? It’s still in its original box.

Assistant: You will have to bring the camera back with you when you return.

Mrs Wong: Look, you’ve been very helpful, but can I have word with your manager. We seem to be getting nowhere.

Assistant: I’m afraid the manager is at lunch. And he will tell you the same thing madam.

Mrs Wong: Very well. I’ll come back in the morning. Will you be here?

Assistant: Tomorrow is my day off. But one of my colleagues will be pleased to assist you. Sorry I couldn’t be of any further help today.


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