Don't bother with 3-D version

Don't bother with 3-D version


By Adrian Wan

The 3D craze is a powerful one: Clash of the Titans was filmed in 2D, but its creators converted it to 3D, probably after noticing the success of Avatar. And that may be the reason why its 3D effects aren't apparent at all. Ironically, the most solid-looking things on the screen are the subtitles.

Clash stars Sam Worthington, the male star of Avatar, but his performance here compares unfavourably. His appearance is similar to that in Avatar, thus is reminiscent of his appearance on Pandora, but strangely his epic travels and huge battles with the gods leave him unscarred.

The original Clash, released in 1981, reinterpreted Greek mythology with the help of the then-impressive special effects. Now, 29 years later and with a vastly larger box of digital tricks at his disposal, director Louis Leterrier brings us his remake with an update in characters' attitudes and a secular and humanist message.

But it just doesn't live up to the original, suffering a very flat plot and pretty boring action sequences.

This screenplay lacks the emotion and suspense which you would expect to get from such an ostensibly intense film. The characters all appear similar because they lack humanity - or at least identifiable personalities.

If you've already missed the bandwagon, but are a fan, see this in 2D. The 3D version just isn't worth the extra cash.

YP rating: 2/5



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