Save these cute creatures

Save these cute creatures


Eurasian beavers are the largest European rodent.

By Justin So, 11, Glenealy School

Some of you might have heard about the rare Eurasian beaver or European beaver (Castor fiber). Many people in Europe and Asia kill these animals to make coats.

Although similar to their North American cousins, Eurasian beavers tend to be bigger.

European beavers on average weigh about 18kg and are the largest European rodents.

They are endangered and found only in some parts of Scandinavia, Poland, France, Germany, Austria and Russia. They can also be found in China and Mongolia.

In Mongolia, only about 400 survive in the Wulungu River. Females are a little larger than the males.

Eurasian beavers feed on bark and twigs in the winter and on all kinds of vegetation in summer. They can be found in rivers, lakes and wooded banks. Females produce litters of up to eight in the spring.

Let's try to save these cute, fuzzy creatures from extinction.



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