Gundam (exhibition)

Gundam (exhibition)


By James Whittle

It is one of Japan's biggest modern cultural icons. The anime Gundam that has for three decades shaped not only the animation industry in Japan, but also the toy and model kit industry. In the last 30 years there have been dozens of television shows, movies and direct-to-video animation series that have spawned thousands of toys and other merchandise.

Last year, animation studio Sunrise celebrated the show's 30th anniversary by creating a 1:1 ratio model of the main mecha the RX-78-2 in Shiokaze Park in Tokyo.

Continuing the celebrations, toy maker Bandai has released a new 1:48 model series aptly titled 'Mega Size.' The first mecha to come off the line is none other than the RX-78-2. At present, Bandai is only releasing this iconic mecha, with future model kits yet to be announced.

To celebrate the Hong Kong launch of the new model series, local distributers have set up the '1:48 Mega Size up Artists Exhibition @ MiXTRA.K-11 shopping Museum of Art' activities. A number of local award-winning "Gunpla" model makers, those who make Gundam plastic model kits, were given Mega Size kits to assemble and customise for the exhibition.

The exhibit runs until Tuesday at K11 shopping mall in Tsim Sha Tsui.

The Mega Size kit is available from shops such as Toys R Us and Jusco for HK$729.90.

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