Live up to great expectations

Live up to great expectations


By Adrian Wan

Stop-motion animation is used to great effect in Wes Anderson's Fantastic Mr Fox. It gives the characters a concrete edge, making them less cartoony, and fully immersing the audience into the film.

The story follows the lives of Mr Fox (voiced by George Clooney), a former professional chicken thief who decides to settle down when his wife (Meryl Streep) falls pregnant. But when their cub grows older, Mr Fox moves the family back to the countryside and finds the temptation to pilfer poultry too great. He embarks on one last job, stealing from the three farms which surround his home.

What happens next can only be described as chaos - albeit thoroughly engaging chaos.

One of the most amazing aspects of the film is one of the smallest details: the characters' fur is continuously blowing in the wind. This amount of detail reflects how much a labour of love the film was.

As with most Roald Dahl stories, the book version of Fantastic Mr Fox appeals to both children and adults. While some adaptations of Dahl's classics, like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, fail to capture Dahl's dry, quirky humour, this honours this facet of Dahl's creativity, leaving the audience in stitches.

There is so much to enjoy here. The clever writing, beautiful sets and fantastic visuals all add up to an impressive film that shows director Anderson is a filmmaker at the height of his art.

YP rating: 5/5



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