Script: Listening Exercise 64

Script: Listening Exercise 64


Sandra is complaining to Maria about Jimmy, her younger brother. Listen to what she says and then answer the questions.

Sandra: I’ve really had enough of him. Usually the two of us get on okay, but these last few weeks he’s gone crazy. I don’t know what’s got into him.

Maria: I saw Jimmy at the sports centre last Saturday and he was really polite. He introduced me to his friends and we chatted for about ten minutes. He seemed the same as usual.

Sandra: Oh, away from home he’s fine. It’s with Mum and Dad and me that he’s being difficult.

Maria: What’s he been doing?

Sandra: Well, last Sunday my dear brother thought it would be a good idea to hide my mobile phone. I searched all over the apartment for about two hours and then he told me he'd seen it under a cushion on the sofa. He’d hidden it there, I know.

Maria: Are you sure?

Sandra: Of course. And he’s started arguing all the time with Mum and Dad. If they ask him to do anything, he just argues with them.

Maria: What are they doing about that?

Sandra: Dad stopped his allowance last week, but it hasn’t made any difference. And he makes so much noise at home. He used to be quiet but now he runs around the flat shouting and yelling. He behaves as if he’s five years old, not twelve.

Maria: That must get on your nerves.

Sandra: It does. Last Sunday, Grandma came round for dinner and Jimmy was so rude to her. I thought she was going to hit him.

Maria: And your grandma’s so nice.

Sandra: I know. He made her cry he was so rude. Dad sent him to his bedroom for the rest of the evening.

Maria: Have you asked him why he’s behaving so badly?

Sandra: You must be joking! If I say hello to him, he shouts at me and tries to start an argument. And you will never believe this!

Maria:Go on!

Sandra: He’s told Mum and Dad that I’m going out with Andy. I hadn’t said anything to them because it’s not serious, and now it looks as if I’ve started keeping things from them.

Maria: Well you are!

Sandra: But not important things! Jimmy knew he would get me in trouble when he told them. He told them on purpose. I don’t know what I’m going to do with him. Things are getting worse every day. What do you think I should do?

Maria: I don’t know. It’s up to your Mum and Dad to sort him out, not you. But I can imagine how you must be feeling. Thank goodness I’m an only child.


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