Okami Kakushi (Anime)

Okami Kakushi (Anime)


By James Whittle

A town in rural Japan hides a dark secret that affects all who live there, so be thankful you're not a character in the new anime Okami Kakushi.

The story revolves around high school student Hiroshi Kuzumi who has moved to a small town called Joga with his writer father and wheelchair-bound younger sister Mana. On the surface, the town seems quite normal - but it soon transpires a band of masked, hooded figures are hunting down the town's residents.

Leading them is a girl with a scythe who coldly dispatches her quarry without prejudice. Who is she and what is the town's dark, mysterious secret?

Okami Kakushi is like the American TV show Lost: you think you know what's going on, but each episode leaves viewers with more questions than answers, and feeling unsatisfied.

The anime is based on a graphic novel produced for the Playstation Portable by Konami, and features character designs by manga author duo Peach-Pit along with Ryukishi07 as the game's director. A manga adaptation, featuring the illustrations of Kuroko Yabuguchi, is currently being published in the anthology magazine Monthly Shonen Rival.

If you like vague and drawn out mystery dramas, then keep your eyes peeled for this show to appear in Hong Kong in some anonymous time slot, on a unknown date and yet to be determined television station.

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