Script: Listening Exercise 63

Script: Listening Exercise 63


Listen to these two conversations and then answer the questions.

Conversation 1

Kylie: I want to ask you something. Do you believe in vampires?

Betty: Do I believe in vampires? What sort of a stupid question is that? Of course I don’t.

Kylie: Well, you could be wrong.

Betty: Don’t be ridiculous. I know you’ve read all those 'Twilight ' books and seen the films but they’re only fiction. They must have affected your brain.

Kylie: No. I read a survey in a magazine yesterday that said fifty-three per cent of people asked believed that vampires do exist.

Betty: That’s complete nonsense.

Kylie: And twenty per cent said they suspected someone they knew might be a vampire.

Betty: What a load of rubbish!

Kylie: No, it isn’t. Twelve per cent said they had been attacked by a vampire but had escaped in time.

Betty: Do you believe such garbage? Magazines print anything to get readers to buy them.

Kylie: I know, but this survey was serious. Sixty-five per cent said they’d read the 'Twilight ' books which had convinced them that vampires did exist today. I'll let you have a look if you like.

Betty: Oh, please! That’s just plain stupid. What a load of junk! Next week they’ll be telling you how deal with a vampire if you meet one.

Kylie: How did you know?? Therefore what they're covering in the next issue it’s important information that everyone should know. I’ll let you have a look when I’ve read it. You might learn something that’ll save your life and then you won’t be making fun of me. Ooooooo…. what are those marks on your neck?

Betty: What? Where?

Kylie: You see! I had you worried for a moment. Vampires do exist. But we’ll both be okay after we’ve read next week’s magazine. Do you want me to get you a copy when I buy mine? It will be twenty-five dollars well spent, you’ll see.

Conversation 2

Ginny works in a big clothing store in Tsim Sha Tsui. Last week she saw a shoplifter steal a pair of jeans, but she was alone at the time and could not go after the thief. There have been a few shoplifting incidents in the area recently and today a detective is talking to Ginny about what she saw.

Detective: About what time was it when you saw the woman steal the jeans?

Ginny: I’d just come back from lunch. It would have been about a quarter past two.

Detective: Did you get a good look at the woman?

Ginny: Yes. I’d been watching her for about ten minutes. There was something strange about the way she was hanging around.

Detective: Was she alone?

Ginny: No. She had a little boy with her. He was acting strangely as well.

Detective: Why do you say that?

Ginny: Little boys shopping with their mums usually look bored. He just stood looking around the shop as if he was watching everyone.

Detective: What was the boy wearing?

Ginny: A pair of red tracksuit bottoms and a plain white t-shirt. He was about nine years old.

Detective: Did you get a good look at the woman’s face?

Ginny: Yes. I saw her quite clearly. Her face was round and fat. She had short, dark hair.

Detective: Excellent. Why do you remember the two of them so well?

Ginny: Because I felt something was wrong. The woman was looking at clothes, but she kept looking up and glancing all around her as if she wasn’t concentrating on buying anything.

Detective: Who was with you on the shop floor?

Ginny: I was on my own. The other assistant was in a meeting with our supervisor.

Detective: Do you think the woman knew you were watching her?

Ginny: No. I pretended I was doing something at the counter. I thought about calling the supervisor.

Detective: Why didn’t you?

Ginny: Because suddenly I saw the boy run for the door. The woman grabbed a pair of jeans and ran after him. It all happened so quickly. They were out of the shop in a second. The alarm rang but they were gone too late. Detective: What happened then?

Ginny: The supervisor ran in from her office when she heard the alarm, but it was too late.

Detective: It sounds as if it is the same woman who has been doing all the shoplifting in this area recently. We are going to put extra detectives in the stores to try and catch her. You’ve given us a lot of help. Thanks, Ginny.


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