Contrast photo essay competition

Contrast photo essay competition

June 30, 2011
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The theme of the Lunar New Year photo essay competition was 'contrast', and Timothy Ma's winning shot of a delicate and colourful butterfly resting on grey concrete fits the bill beautifully.

Timothy wins a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses courtesy of LensCrafters.

Second place was shared by Kaitlin Chan, who also took inspiration from nature with her differing sizes, and Stephanie Smith, who contrasted colours.
Second runner up Ashwin Suniil Wadwani looked at a very different kind of contrast: social differences.

Well done to all those who took part - you made it hard to pick a winner.

The winner of the Readers' Award is Dhruv Singh. He wins a Young Post bag of goodies and a great book. Congrats Dhruv!

Timothy Ma, 1st



Butterfly on Concrete
This photo was taken in October of 2009 somewhere near Stanley Market. I found that the spectacular colours and bright patterns of the butterfly contrasted with the dull, grey concrete ground where it lay.

Other entries from Timothy

Life in a Cemetery
This photo was taken in October of 2009 during a trip to Stanley Cemetery. The numbers and varieties of different flowers and life amazed me, especially in such a solemn place.

This photo was taken in October of 2009 on a helicopter ride. In such as concrete jungle like Hong Kong, it was amazing to find such different and contrasting landscapes like the ones in the photo.

Feather in the bushes
This photo was taken in October of 2009 in Kowloon Park. The feather was simply lying on the shrubs, probably left be a bird that was once perched on top of it. The soft, bright feathers really contrasted well with the dark, pointy leaves.

Kaitlin Chan, 2nd

Tiny Explorers
This photo was taken during a school trip to Cambodia. I was walking along a path with a metal wire fence, and noticed how ants were traveling along with us, on the fence.

Other entries from Kaitlin

Cloud Invasion
The urban setting of the highway contrasted to the natural colors and clouds in the sky. It made me realize how urbanization can overwhelm natural sights of an area, but also sometimes enhance it: the sky looked brighter behind stark skylines of buildings.

I was taking photos for a nature assignment in my photography class, and chose to photograph the metallic, shiny bee resting on the delicate, matte flower.

This photo was also taken on a school trip to Cambodia, on which we went on a boat trip with some local underprivileged children we had befriended. There was a group of boys gathered at the front of the boat's roof, and despite how gloomy the weather was, they were still excited to be seeing Cambodian sights while on the Mekong river. I like the way their brightly colored shirts and the flag on the boot contrast in color.

Stephanie Smith, 2nd (shared)

I see the world in technicolour

Ashwin Suniil Wadwani, 3rd

Today the hard working, rich people are always prominent (in magazines, newspapers and the like) and the people who think it’s cool to just take it easy and always blurred in the background.

Florence Lee

A surprising splash of colour
This picture was taken during a trip to the arts museum on one cool, sunny afternoon. I suddenly noticed a beautiful little rainbow on the floor between my friend and me. Then it was just us versus the rainbow!

Evan Lee

Nemo vs Cardinal
Big vs small, three vs many, colour vs pattern - who'll win?
Lembeh, Indonesia

The Outstanding
An outstanding hero in the big blue sea.
Coral Garden, Taveuni, Fiji

Mojo Abidi

I took this picture when I was on a safari in South Africa with my family a couple of years ago. I like the contrast between the black and white zebras and the vibrant green background scenery.

Beatrice Nga Lam Chan

Light and Dark

Dhruv Singh

Victoria Park during the Lunar New Year celebrations

Victoria Park during the Lunar New Year celebrations

Lo Wing Sum

Beijing, in chilly winter.

Kevin Mirchandani

Bell Tower at Vigan City, Philippines.

City Fireworks, Manila, Philippines.

Man by the sea, Vigan City, Philippines.

Horse-drawn carriage, Vigan City, Philippines.

MADE IN PHILIPPINES, Panagasinan, Philippines.

People on a glass, Batangas, Philippines.

Tropical Trees, Langkawi, Malaysia.

Shadows on the beach, Vigan City, Philippines.


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