Essay Workshop

Essay Workshop

You might have noticed our 'essay workshops' on Tuesdays. Even though your ed banged on in the first workshop about how newspapers are NO place for creative stories, Young Post does get them quite often from readers. We had no place to publish the work and so roped in professional screenwriter John Brennan to help us.

So those of you who DO want to exercise your imaginations, now’s your chance to send in some creative work.

Bear in mind, though, that pieces should be around 500 words.

You can send your offerings to this address, slugged ESSAY.

If your essay is selected, it will be re-worked by John Brennan and both the original and revised versions will be published in Young Post (on a Tuesday). You will be able to see what changed and how you can improve your essays.

NOTE: Over the Holiday Reading Programme we will be able to take longer essays of about 1,500 to 1,700 words. Here’s a great opportunity to get in some NSS practise.

There is no deadline for this workshop.


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