Science under siege

Science under siege

By Ronald Ling Pak-ki

Most people accept the science behind the fears about climate change and global warming.

But recently some British scientists have been accused of trying to suppress data that does not support the theory.

Then the credibility of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was tested over unconfirmed claims about melting glaciers; and recent cold weather has had the global warming sceptics saying they told us so.

It is certainly a blow to any campaign promoting conservation and a greener life.

Nonetheless, it is less important to look at the validity of the global warming theory than it is to discuss the fact that the dispute has revealed the declining credibility of scientific research.

Obviously, some environmentalists just want to pander to interest groups, pushing the scenario of severe climate change in order to obtain the most funding for their scientific research.

Some major European countries are likely to be backing these environmentalists, as global warming fears help new energy companies.

It is in the interests of developed countries to seek reduced carbon dioxide emissions in developing countries, because this will slow down the poor countries' industrial growth.

But the hackers and other scientists rejecting the global warming theory are not reliable either.

It is easy to believe they are backed by oil-exporting countries. These countries have a lot to lose when the world reduces consumption of petroleum products.

Humans have relied heavily on science to develop and progress, knocking down false theories and coming up with new hypotheses.

But now scientific research is being ruined by crooked commercial interest groups. It is pathetic to see science being subordinated to big business.

People should stick to their conscience when deciding right from wrong and be wary of false information dished out by 'experts'.

But despite misleading research and an exaggerated urgency to save the earth, it is still obvious we must stick to the basic idea of conservation in order to save our home.

It is crucial we all trust in our conscience and in ethics in this miserable time.

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