Script: Listening Exercise 60

Script: Listening Exercise 60


Part 1

Sally is a shipping clerk in a big export company in Kwai Chung. There have been problems with some goods sent to a customer in America. Sally is on the phone to her opposite number in New York. Listen to what she says and then note the order number, the date the order was shipped and the number of items in each order.

Sally: Right, first. Order number one, four, seven, nine, two, zero. It was shipped on the fifteenth of the seventh, zero nine. Two hundred and ten pairs of boys jeans. Yes, that’s right.

Second A hundred and twenty boys’ sweaters. Various colours order seven, three, two, zero, zero, nine for the fourth of the eighth, zero nine. No, the fourth. The fourth. That’s right.

Next... thirty men’s shoulder bags. Black leather. Order number three, nine, four, seven, nine, nine. Oh... sorry, nine, eight. That’s order three, nine, four, seven, nine, eight. Okay? That was shipped on the first of the tenth zero nine.

Fourth... the fourteenth of the tenth, zero nine. Order six, six, five, eight, three, two. Fifty girls’ cotton skirts. No... fourteenth of the tenth, not the ninth. Okay?

Next... Let me see …… Order zero, zero, five, nine, three, one for the twentieth of the ninth zero nine. Yes, the twentieth. This was for three hundred boys’ baseball caps. No... sorry, three hundred and fifty. Three hundred and fifty boys’ baseball caps.

Now... an order for a hundred and seventy football shirts. Boy’s and men’s. Yes, that’s right. Shipped by us on the tenth of the eighth, zero nine. Next... Oh, sorry, that order number. Seven, three, eight... no, no, nine... seven, three, nine, two, two, three. Yes, the tenth of the eighth.

Ok, this is one we’ve had problems with before. Order five, five, three, two, nine, zero for the twentieth of the fifth. Yes, zero nine. A shipment of fifty leather ladies’ handbags. Can you really check that one out carefully? The order goes back a long way.

Now, the last one. For four hundred and fifty ladies’ T-shirts. Plain colours. The order number for, six, nine, zero, three, five two. Yes,... five...two. the seventh of the tenth, zero nine. No, that’s wrong... the tenth of the seventh. Tenth of the seventh. Cool. Thanks. Can you get back to me by tomorrow on that lot, please? Thanks. Bye.

Part 2

Paul Brown, an English businessman, is waiting at Manchester Airport to take a flight to London where he will connect to his flight for Hong Kong. Listen to these announcements he hears and then fill in the information about flight number, gate number and time on the answer grid.

1. Passengers on flight DL 1-1-5-5 to New York JFK are advised that this flight has been delayed by thirty-five minutes. Boarding will begin at twelve twenty, Gate 19.

2. Passengers for flight SK 2-5-5-1 to Stockholm are asked to remain in the waiting areas until further announcements. Boarding is due to begin at fourteen hundred hours Gate 11.

3. Passengers for flight VS 7-3-2-7 to Singapore are asked to go to Gate 9 where the flight will begin boarding in twenty minutes, at eleven twenty-five.

4. Flight NW 8-5-5-9 to Amsterdam twelve fifteen has been cancelled. Passengers booked on this flight should go immediately to Gate 21 for further information.

5. Would Mr John Black on flight TK 1-9-9-4 to Istanbul go immediately to Gate 32 where the flight will depart in fifteen minutes at eleven ten.

6. Flight EK 1-8-1-8 to Dubai will begin boarding at twelve twenty-five, Gate 17.

7. Passengers for flight CX 1-2-6-0 to London Heathrow are advised that the flight will now depart at 12.50 from Gate 3. Please wait in the waiting areas until the boarding time is announced.

8. Boarding for flight AY 5-7-9-1 to Chicago has begun at Gate 10. The flight will depart at eleven fifty-five as scheduled.


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