Pick 'n' mix for best results

Pick 'n' mix for best results


By YP intern Thai Williams

OK Go's new third album Of The Blue Colour of The Sky blasts out from the very first song, ending any previous conceptions of the rock group. While the band seems to break away from the likes of successful single Here It Goes Again, replacing it with the Prince-inspired WTF?, there are still some rocky classics like All Is Not Lost and This Too Shall Pass.

As is usual with OK Go, there is no single genre on the album - expect to hear electro, progressive rock and even an acoustic love song. This means the appeal is much broader, too, and will attract those beyond the usual indie/rock crowd.

Intentional or not, it would seem the band's new album has the potential to satisfy almost everybody's musical needs, from early teen to post mid-life crisis, a rare trait amongst albums.

Last Leaf, though slightly repetitive, is a sweet, acoustic tale of love that is sure to warm the hearts of all romantics.

Of the 13 songs, This Too Shall Pass is likely to be the album's biggest hit, as it's most similar to OK Go's regular rock. Its cheery radiance mixed with a semi-serious bridge makes for a good mood-lifter.

This is more a collection of great songs to pick from on iTunes than a CD that will satisfy as a whole.

YP rating: 4/5



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