Siren still has the X factor

Siren still has the X factor


By YP intern Thai Williams

After a wait of several long years, Sade is back, offering hope to the romantics of the world. However, the title of her new album, Soldier of Love, is rather unfitting for the majority of the album's songs.

The title track is upbeat and one of the most optimistic songs on the album. But it is in the minority. The rest of the tracks tell of sorrow and woe - quite a contrast from her last album in 2002, on which most of the songs were in a similar vein to Soldier of Love, the song.

This doesn't mean the other songs are in any way traditional (read 'boring') love songs. Sade has not lost her ability to lull listeners into a mellow state. Though a few songs may border on the cliche, those like Bring Me Home more than compensate, with their intricate weave of subtle notes beneath the beat.

It's doubtful the fire of Sade's words will spark much of a reaction among the younger generations. Lyrics such as those in Skin demand a knowledge of love won and lost - although the beautiful melodies will still appeal to anyone in love.

Sade has far from lost her X factor. Her haunting voice still reigns supreme, and although Soldier of Love struggles to find a place amongst the rest of the album, it will no doubt attract a younger audience and perhaps encourage them to check out her earlier work.

YP rating: 4/5



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