Year of the Tigger

Year of the Tigger


Dhruv Singh
Tiu Tiu Fu's paw prints are all over Disney's festivities, write Young Post club reporters Dhruv Singh and Elise Choi

Tiu Tiu Fu is the star of the show at Hong Kong Disneyland - of course. The bounciest cat known to mankind, Tigger is the lead act in Hong Kong Disneyland's Lunar New Year celebrations.

Along with Tigger - whose Chinese name Tiu Tiu Fu means "jumping tiger" - a whole host of Disney characters will greet you with "kung hei fat choi", wearing brand new costumes designed by Canto-pop princess Kelly Chen Wai-lum and taking part in a variety of shows.

Disney's Jumping Jam could have been tailor-made for the bouncy Tigger. A circular stage has been set up in front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle with a number of traditional Chinese drums - the biggest is 2.5m tall and 7m wide. Mickey leads drummers and acrobats in an energetic show that visitors can watch from all angles. Tigger, of course, is especially lively, and shows off his skills on the trampoline.

Lucky Trail is an exciting scavenger hunt through a series of beautiful flower displays. The displays feature Disney characters made from 18 varieties symbolising happiness, wealth, longevity, romance, success in studies, harmony, achievement and prosperity.

Each character represents a special kind of good fortune. For example, Buzz Lightyear represents technological achievements,

Belle of Beauty and the Beast fame represents success in studies and the seven dwarves represent harmony and family because they are always together.

As you head towards the trail, pick up a Lucky Trail Sticker Card and play the games at each stop - you can redeem the card for a set of special edition stickers when you have completed the trail.

The original Disneyland artwork and decorations have been modified to create a Lunar New Year dreamland. The trees on Main Street USA are decorated with lai see, creating a very festive mood.

Twice a day, a mini-parade called Celebration on the Street takes place. Mickey leads the parade, which features performers waving golden dragons and wearing costumes with auspicious characters on them.

Throughout the day, traditional and modern celebrations are in full swing, including lion dances and drummers, filling the air with festive sounds.

For anyone who wants a taste of life as a Disney illustrator, a drawing workshop is offering classes at the Animation Academy on Main Street USA to teach visitors how to draw a Lunar New Year Tigger.

All these attractions and more promise to help make this Lunar New Year in Hong Kong an absolutely Tiggerific one!

New Year celebrations at Disneyland run until February 28. For more information, go to

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