Magic Kingdom memories

Magic Kingdom memories


dhruv singh
Photo: Dhruv Singh

Two Young Post cub reporters reflect on their first-ever visit to Hong Kong Disneyland

Dhruv Singn
Dhruv Singh

It was a pleasant surprise when I received an e-mail from the Young Post editor telling me that I had been chosen to visit Disneyland. This was my first preview assignment for a newspaper and my first visit to a Disneyland.

When we got there, I was amused by the Minnie and Mickey floral displays. At first I thought they were just there to welcome visitors to the park, but later I found out that they marked the starting point of the 'Eight Luck Trail', a special attraction for Lunar New Year.

Mickey was dressed in traditional red and yellow Chinese garb. He looked like an ancient Chinese nobleman. Even the staff at the souvenir shop were wearing traditional Chinese clothes, so you got the impression that you were in an old Chinese marketplace.

Lai see hung from the trees, swaying gently in the cool breeze.

The sound of music caught my attention. It was a parade of Disney characters. The costumed characters brought smiles all round, especially among the younger visitors, who looked really excited. The imaginary world of my childhood books was passing before me. It was a very touching feeling. The clapping children were excited to see their favourite fantasy friends.

At Adventure Land, I watched an impressive lion dance. The moves and rhythms of the troupe fascinated me. I thought that it would be the best performance of the day, but I was wrong. There was more to come. The simultaneous tricks by four artists in the Jumping Jam were simply spell-binding. The two female acrobats, standing on their heads and juggling, were favourites with the crowd. The tricks with hats and pots were also a huge hit, as were the mind-boggling antics of two contortionist acrobats.

Later, I went to Main Street USA and visited the Animation Academy. The artists there taught visitors patiently and in a very interesting manner to sketch the cartoons that Disney is famous for.

As this is the Year of Tiger in the Chinese zodiac, everyone was drawing Tigger, the bouncy big cat from the Winnie the Pooh stories. I had a strange and nostalgic feeling because, in my kindergarten days, I, too, used to dress up like Tigger.

Lastly, I went to see the Lunar New Year parade. The characters were wearing bright and colourful Chinese costumes - the perfect end to a perfect day. My visit to Disneyland was fabulous, indeed.

Elise Choi Ho-yee
Elise Choi

I've been to Disneyland in Paris, and of course, there are some differences between this one and that one. This one celebrates the Lunar New Year, for example.

Hong Kong's Disneyland had more to offer than I expected. The Chinese culture and Western Culture came together very well.

The broadcasts of Chinese music gave the resort a strong New Year flavour, but I still knew I was at Disneyland. The food and souvenirs were specially designed for New Year. I really enjoyed the shows, especially Jumping Jam. The acrobats were astonishing.

I also loved "Celebration on the Street", which had lion dances, colourful parades and drum performances. I highly recommend that everyone go to Hong Kong Disneyland this Lunar New Year.



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