Don't be too open

Don't be too open

By Ku Kai-kit, SKH Chan Young Secondary School

Recently, two boys boasted on Facebook about having sex with their underage girlfriends on Stanley beach.

A photo showed a condom which was used by one of the boys. And there was a video on YouTube in which one of the boys said the other couple was going to have sex. Now, police are investigating the case.

We should not boast about having sex. This shows the concept of sex among teenagers has changed. According to the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups, nearly 50 per cent of teenage girls interviewed in a survey have had pre-marital sex. The federation interviewed 105 girls aged 13 to 20 who visited clubs and discos. It said nearly half - 48.7 per cent - had sex before they reached 16.

Some think that being open towards sex is not a bad thing, but the two boys may face criminal charges over their Facebook claims.

I believe teenagers should not have sex. Many of them have little knowledge about the topic and they rarely use condoms. Those who have unprotected sex expose themselves to various diseases, including Aids. Also, there is the risk of unwanted pregnancies. How can an unmarried girl look after her baby?

A sexual relationship could also destroy the future of teenagers. For example, if the two above-mentioned boys are convicted, they could have criminal records.

Teenagers have to think of their parents, too. A recent survey conducted by the City University of Hong Kong found that more than 90 per cent of parents with teenage children could not accept their children having sex, moving in with their peers or having an abortion.

It is clear that being sexually active is bad for teenagers. This trend must be reversed immediately. Parents should teach their children the proper concept of sex and the mass media should reduce its sexual and violent content.

Otherwise, our teenagers will have a bleak future.

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