Planet Hulk (DVD)

Planet Hulk (DVD)


Smashing his way from the big screen to your living room screen, The Hulk's most recent appearance is in the new Marvel Comics animated movie, Planet Hulk. This is probably the best Hulk movie yet.

The plot is based on a storyline that ran for 14 issues of the Incredible Hulk comic, from April 2006 to June 2007. Earth's heroes deem the Hulk too dangerous and decide to exile him to another planet. But the shuttle the Hulk is travelling in malfunctions and crashes on the planet Sakaar. The Hulk is captured and forced to fight as a gladiator. The Hulk and his fellow slaves battle the tyrannical ruler for their freedom and that of the planet.

Animation production is a little better than your average Saturday morning cartoon, but Marvel still has a way to go to before equalling DC Comics' productions. However, it is undoubtedly Marvel's best animated film in terms of story, and the bonus features make it doubly worthwhile.

The single disc version contains audio commentary by supervising producer Joshua Fine and screenwriter writer Greg Johnson, the opening sequence for Thor: Tales of Asgard, and a featurette, A Whole World of Hurt: The Making of Planet Hulk.

The two-disc set and Blu-Ray contains those features, plus a host of extras including the Wolverine vs. Hulk episode from the new series Wolverine and the X-Men.

Planet Hulk is now available.

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