Script: Listening Exercise 58

Script: Listening Exercise 58

Moving Day

Clemmie has just moved into a new apartment. She is talking to her friend Helen about the day she moved. Listen to their conversation and then answer the questions.

Helen: How did moving day go? I remember when I moved into my new place, it was a nightmare. Everything went wrong.

CLemmie: Yes, I remember all the problems you had. I made sure I’d organised everything very well for the day I moved. I was sure nothing could possibly go wrong after all the careful planning I’d done.

H: Good.

C: I booked the removal company for two o’clock. That would give me plenty of time to get everything ready in the morning. They would just have to put the boxes and the furniture in the van and drive off to the new flat.

H: Did you have a lot of stuff?

C: Not really. My old place was quite small. The new flat is a bit bigger. It's got Four rooms. A small shower room, a kitchen, a bedroom that’s big enough for a double bed, and a living-room with a small balcony that looks onto a kids’ play area.

H:That sounds nice.

C: I’d written down instructions for the removal men. They had to put the table, the four dining chairs, the armchair, the sofa, the TV and a small cupboard into the living room.

H: What about your music system?

C: Oh, I sold that before I moved. I’m going to buy a new one.

H: Cool.

C: They had to put the bed, the two bed-side tables, and the wardrobe into the bedroom and, obviously, the cooker, microwave, fridge and a small table into the kitchen. I wrote all that down for them.

H: Did you have a lot of boxes?

C: Six big boxes with all my clothes, books and so on.

H: Did the removal men arrive on time?

C: No! That was the first thing that went wrong. They were fifteen minutes late. They said they’d got stuck in traffic in Central. But I was so pleased to see them, I didn’t complain or lose my temper or anything.

H: That was sensible.

C:They got everything into the van very quickly but when they were coming out of the lift with the last box, guess what happened?

H: I'm scared to imagine.

C: The bottom dropped out of the box. Luckily, there were only books inside. Nothing breakable.

H: Thank goodness!

C: When they got to the new flat, I was already there. I’d taken a taxi. They got all the boxes into the flat and most of the furniture. A leg came off one of the dining chairs, but that didn’t matter.

H: So, all went well?

C: Hang on a minute. I haven’t finished. The sofa I have is quite big. I bought it in a sale at Lane Crawford a couple of years ago. Well, the men got it into and out of the lift okay... but the door to the new flat is round a corner. It’s in quite an awkward position, really.

H: And...?

C: The sofa was too big to get round the corner and through the door. The removal men tried for over an hour to get it into the flat. I just stood there getting more and more upset.

H: What did you do?

C: The men did everything they could. In the end, they had to leave the sofa in the corridor. They had another job to go to and couldn’t stay any longer. I rang Jimmy, my best friend, to see if he could help. He was brilliant! He remembered that you could remove the soft's two big arms. They’d told us that when I bought it, but I’d forgotten. Jimmy came round with a set of tools and we took the sofa to pieces. Then it was easy to get it into the flat. Jimmy saved the day! I took him out for a lovely meal that night to say thank you.


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