Script: Listening Exercise 57

Script: Listening Exercise 57


Sandy is a Hong Kong university student spending a year at Imperial College in London. This weekend she is going to Manchester to spend a few days with a friend from Hong Kong who is studying at Manchester University. Sandy is at Victoria Coach Station in London waiting for the coach.

Part 1: Annoucements

Listen to these announcements over the loud speaker system and then answer the questions.

1. The ten thirty coach to Edinburgh X125 will leave from Bay 15 in ten minutes time. The coach is now boarding. Passengers booked on this service should go now to Bay 15.

2. Would a Mr John West, passenger on the 11.15 coach to Liverpool L67 please go to the customer services office? A Mr John West to the customer services office, please.

3. We are sorry to announce that the 12.10 coach to Leeds M632 will not run today. Passengers booked on this coach should go to the main ticket office to get a seat on the next available service.

4. The 10.45 coach to Birmingham B87 has beebn delayed by fifteen minutes. Passengers booked on this service should wait for the next announcement.

5. Passengers for the 10.50 service to Manchester M32 are requested to go to Bay 16 where boarding will begin in five minutes time.

6. Passengers only carrying hand luggage who are booked on the 10.35 service to Brighton are requested to go to Bay 32 where they can board the coach. Will passengers with luggage please wait for a further announcement.

Part 2: Passersby

As Sandy is waiting for the Manchester coach, a few people speak to her. Listen to what they say and then answer the questions.

7. - Excuse me, do you know if there are any luggage trolleys available anywhere? I haven’t seen any, but there must be some somewhere.

8. - Is this seat taken? Oh, it’s free. Thanks.

9. - I’m sorry. I didn’t catch that announcement. What did they say about the Liverpool coach?

10. - Excuse me. I think you’ve dropped some money on the floor. I think these coins are yours.

Part 3: On the coach

Now listen to these announcements that are made on the Manchester during Sandy’s journey and then answer the questions

11. - Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the National Express coach service to Manchester. The journey will take two and a half hours. We are due to arrive at Manchester Coach Station at twenty past one.

12. - We will make two short comfort stops of ten minutes each during the journey.

13. - There is a refreshment service on the coach where you can purchase drinks and snacks.

14. - I am afraid that we have just been informed of a traffic accident just outside Birmingham. Traffic is still flowing, but we could experience some delays.


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